Waterfall rocks and reflection imageMinnesota:  Listen to Joel tell of a recent physical healing.

Connecticut:  “Joel is an experienced and dedicated Christian Science healer, whose success is based on understanding the deeper, spiritual sense of the Bible. He is a compassionate listener, with marvelous humor and a magnanimous spirit…thank you for all you are doing for mankind!”

New York:  “The first thing I feel when I reach out to Joel for support is love.  Unconditional, non-judgemental, all-embracing love.  And then, strength.  Followed by the assurance that all is well.  Right now.  No matter what my five senses are reporting.  I feel the fear drain away, my doubts recede, and I am filled with a renewed sense of confidence in Christian Science healing.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a life-long, class-taught student of Christian Science, or a new-comer just discovering the power of these healing truths for the first time, Joel meets you right where you are.  Whether the problem is physical, financial, or another difficulty, he helps turn your thought from fear and anxiety to hope and renewed faith, and ultimately, to healing.  Joel brings warmth, humor, and spiritual insight to every conversation, and the journey to healing is always a wonderful adventure!”

Minnesota:  “I’ve had occasion to call Joel for prayerful help several times, but one especially stands out. At dinner one night with many family members I had what would probably be called an extreme allergic reaction to my food. I left the restaurant and went to my car for some quiet. Breathing and swallowing were very difficult and, as my own prayer didn’t seem to be meeting the need, I called Joel. And had to leave a message! He returned my call very quickly, I’m grateful to say, and said he would go to work for me immediately. As my fear began to be allayed, there was some improvement. My wife was able to finish dinner and we decided I would stay where I was for a while. In a short time I was able to drive home (about 15 miles) and by the time I got there, all difficulty in breathing and swallowing was gone. Shortly after that, I realized the fear was gone as well.”

California:  “I was worried about a loved one. Through prayer, Joel Magnes helped me gain a greater sense of God governing me, my loved ones, and all. Although I know this in theory, at times it can be a challenge to see it in practicality. So I asked Joel to help me see what God sees. As a result of our work together, I am more tolerant of other people’s differing view points, more trusting that listening and hearing God’s guidance is not a privilege reserved for me. Not only is it accessible to all but it is in operation in all. It is in operation now. Joel came into Christian Science in adulthood so it was interesting to hear his perspective and approach. He pays no attention to ego. ‘Ego has to go…’ His great sense of humility, his wonderful sense of humor, make way for fresh inspiration and renewed trust in the all power of God’s Love for all.”

England:  “Many years ago, Christian Science treatment helped me overcome severe anemia and stop taking medication for it, yet this condition seemed to return. I didn’t want more medical treatment, but was persuaded by a friend to try ‘alternative’ means. Tests produced shocking results: I was told I had the largest mineral deficiency they had ever seen come back from a lab. Looks on their faces sent shock-waves down my spine and I was very afraid. For six months, I took twenty ‘natural’ pills a day with only slight progress. Then I listened to a Daily Lift from Joel and it stuck such a chord with me! He listened to everything I had to say – no condemnation, just complete understanding and a loving response which was what I needed. We continued working together over several months and not only was I able to dispense with all the pills but I was completely healed of the overwhelming fear.”

Feeling well physically and mentally waking up unafraid is tremendous. But the most wonderful thing was learning so much about Christian Science and the true meaning of who we are and who God is, through Joel patiently, lovingly answering my questions. He is a great support to our family – having helped my husband with a long standing physical problem and keeping us cam when our business suffered an arson attack. I must add that Joel has such a good sense of humor and even in my most fearful times he always found something to make to smile.

Wisconsin:  “Joel is such a pleasure to work with. Jesus gave two commands in the Bible to his followers: to serve and love God supremely, and to love mankind. And Joel’s commitment to serving God shines through in his love for mankind. He is responsible, trustworthy, so compassionate, and really knows his stuff. He has helped me find healing in a number of areas in my life, and has helped me find a closer and more tangible relationship to God. If you’re struggling with any issue in your life that needs healing — whether it’s a relationship issue, a financial issue, an emotional issue, a career issue, or even a physical issue, Joel is a great resource to call on in your time of need. He has helped me feel God’s guiding presence in my life and I know he will help you too.”

Massachusetts:  “I have benefited from the periodic prayerful support of Joel Magnes for many years. He has worked to spiritually assist me through the birth of two children, some health challenges, and countless business activities. In my professional endeavors, in particular, Joel’s help has resulted in clear changes in the situation directly attributable to his treatment. Some of the outcomes have been remarkable. Often, seemingly intractable circumstances turned into joyous agreements among all parties soon after he took the case. Joel is my trusted ‘business partner’.”

Texas:  “Joel has been a wonderful support to me for many years through relationship and financial challenges, identity and employment struggles, and of course, physical crises.  I knew that every time I called him, I would find a tangible, loving, supportive atmosphere and I would finish the call with confidence in spot-on, strong, metaphysical truth.  Even if I was only able to reach his voice-mail and leave a message or sent an email, I was comforted that effective prayers would begin soon.”

North Carolina:  “Joel is always ready to help, and I have been calling on him for many years! He’s seen my family through a host of challenges—health, financial, relationships, even pets. A healing that really stands out happened almost instantly. I was the sickest I have ever felt in my life; my head was screaming with pain, I had boils on my face, and my body was so weak I couldn’t even reach for a glass of water. So I called Joel. He recited a poem he recalled from a few years back, and right away I felt my thinking shift. I laughed—which hurt my head, but it warmed my heart. So I laughed some more. (Joel always makes you laugh.) I was back at work the very next day, with no trace of the problem. I am so thankful for his love—and wit.”

New York:  “I have asked Joel Magnes to pray for me many times over the decades we have known each other. Sometimes I was abroad when I needed his support, but whether I asked via email or phone, I quickly felt his prayerful support releasing me from fear. Thanks to Joel’s effective prayer and powerful words reminding me that man is always God’s reflection, I have been healed of poison ivy, poisonous spider bites, intense chest pains and a large growth drained. I have also recently felt his prayerful work when I called him in the midst of vertigo so intense that I could not move. I am most grateful. My husband has also called Joel when he was dealing with sciatica that had immobilized him. The release was quick and clear. Planters warts and gout were also healed for my husband.  An intense earache when my son was two, disappeared through the Christian Science prayer of this dedicated practitioner.”

Virginia:  “I’m grateful for the prayerful support Joel has provided to me on several occasions over the past few years.  He is easy to talk to, has a calm manner, and conveys confidence in the application of God’s healing power to any situation.  He has helped me with physical problems, emotional issues and bad habits, and challenges faced by my family.  I always benefit from his insight into the spiritual laws that Christian Science teaches keep us all healthy, happy and safe.  And he shares this in a way that has love for me and for our all-good, omnipotent God behind it.  His thoughts are always encouraging and progressive, never judgmental, no matter how sensitive the problem may be.  I’m grateful for his past support and will gladly use Joel again when I need a practitioner.”

Nevada:  “Inspiring, steadfast, and supportive in healing… attributes that best describe the loving prayerful work that Joel manifests when called upon for help.  Healings that I have experienced include grief, financial challenges, as well as physical difficulties – all addressed with grace, humor, and spiritual clarity.  Thank you!”

New York:  “He is an extraordinary practitioner, funny, compassionate, and effective. He is always ready to help and heal. He helped me to achieve two Master’s Degrees and the most beautiful Christmas of my life. Thank You – Joel.”