Christian Science

Christian Science starts with an all-powerful God who is only good, who is Love.

It’s based on spiritual laws of God that have always existed and govern the universe.  It enables us to become aware of a spiritual reality beyond the physical senses, that is present and in perfect harmony.

Consciously connecting with spiritual reality has a healing effect on everything in our lives.  It brings harmony physically, emotionally, to our work and our world.

Christian Science teaches us about our relationship with God as spiritual beings.  Derived from the Scriptures, it explains how Jesus healed spiritually and how we can too.

Mary Baker Eddy

It was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.  A lover of the Bible since childhood, she had always been able to heal others.  In 1866, she experienced a dramatic healing that helped her begin to understand the science behind spiritual healing.

After successfully testing and teaching her methods, she fully explained her understanding in what is called the Christian Science textbook:  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Eddy eventually founded the Christian Science church and The Christian Science Monitor newspaper.  There are churches in more than 130 countries and Science and Health has been translated into 18 languages.  Christian Science practitioners have been helping people for over 140 years.

A common misconception is that church members are not allowed to use medical treatment.  Actually, members are always free to make their own health care decisions.  But due to good outcomes, it’s not uncommon to encounter generations of Christian Scientists consistently choosing spiritual healing.

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Science and Health and Key to the Scriptures

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