We’re all on a journey.  Mine changed profoundly when I was healed by Christian Science prayer treatment.  I’ve devoted my life over the last 26 years to providing that same healing treatment for others.


The ultimate goal of the treatment is to enable you to experience your connection with the Love that is God.  Then fear is eliminated and often there is immediate healing. Getting to that point may happen quickly, or it may take a path of transformation as thinking shifts to a spiritual focus.

For a newcomer, it often begins with a free consultation. This allows you to decide if you want prayer treatment, as we share questions and answers and I explain the concepts of Christian Science.  All communications are kept strictly confidential.

Prayer treatment is mental, spiritual; so I don’t have to be nearby.  It can be instantly effective across the country and around the globe.

It doesn’t depend on any personal gift of healing that I might have.  It’s the power of God that heals, through what Christian Science calls the Christ.

Here is what I do:

  • provide spiritual prayer treatment for healing any type of difficulty
  • answer questions and respond to your needs as a caring Christian
  • offer guidance to help your spiritual study when appropriate
  • visit when appropriate and possible

Here are some things I don’t do:

  • use any form of psychological, medical or material diagnosis, treatment or therapy
  • use any physical manipulation or contact
  • give advice about health care choices or life decisions

Christian Science treatment differs from conventional or even alternative material remedies in many ways. It will not leave you where it found you.

As a practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal, I am not employed by the Christian Science church but there is guidance for all practitioners in this statement of a practitioner’s scope of services.

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