Joel Magnes, CS Christian Science Healing PractitionerAfter getting a degree in acting from Boston University and while preparing for a career as an operatic tenor, I found Christian Science on my search for health.

I wasn’t looking for God or a religion.  I just needed healing from an asthmatic condition that is considered incurable.  I had tried everything from acupuncture to zinc with no lasting results.

I was finally cured through Christian Science prayer treatment.

In that process, I discovered true Christianity as an expression of a God who is Love.  And that changed my course.

I’ve always had a deep desire to help people.  I was the guy in school who friends turned to for comfort and counsel.  As an adult, that desire to help is fulfilled in my work as a Christian Science Practitioner – responding to requests for healing of all types of difficulties through prayer.  I’ve been a practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal’s worldwide directory for over 27 years.

My own healing experiences as well as those in my practice, have helped give me confidence in choosing the spiritual approach as a first resort.

I’m a transplanted New Yorker and Minneapolis, Minnesota resident, now living in Vancouver, Washington (part of the Portland, Oregon metro area) near our daughter Melanie and with my wife, Brenda, a canine behaviorist (think dog whisperer), Rafi, a charming Havanese dog and Wally, a chubby orange tabby cat.