Emerge and See — a poem by Joel Magnes CS

When circumstances seem dire, we need a higher view.

Emerge and see

by Joel Magnes, CS

It’s a crisis at the eleventh hour –
we’re frantic to feel any power!
All of a sudden there’s nowhere to turn –
like we’re surrounded by fire and we’ll burn!

It’s an emergency!!!

But wait, there’s still another choice.
Despite the fearful noise,
we can lift up our voice
to God in praise.

With thought, word, song,
we can be
above what’s wrong,
to perceive spiritual reality.

Seeing from God’s angle,
we can lift up our face
and become aware
that where emergency seems to be – right there
we’re surrounded by angels
of God’s grace.

And those messages of love
from above
are saving the day,
mentally paving the way
up, out of the flames of fear,
into the calm and clear.

Then we recognize
what seemed hidden to our eyes –
that harmony, safety, abundance
have never really had an absence.
And God translates that spiritual vision
into actual human provision,
turning our harrowing experience
into a proof of Love’s healing omnipotence.

Yes, divine, ever present grace
can take the place
of an emergency,
as we